My wife Jo Cox was an Avaaz member and shared with you the belief that people everywhere have more in common than that which divides us. A year ago she was murdered by a terrorist hoping to divide our country. Jo knew that the greatest weapon against hate was bringing people together to share and understand each other more deeply. Inspired by her, we've chosen to mark the anniversary of her murder this weekend with community celebrations of all that we have in common. It's called 'The Great Get Together' and at last count, there's 117,692 events planned across the country from picnics to street parties and everything in between. If Avaazers from across Britain join in, it will be truly huge. There are so many ways to take part: you could organise a get together with a few neighbours (there's still enough time!), go to one of the events that's already planned, bravely speak to someone you don't yet know well or just express yourself via social media. I do hope you'll join in. Yes, I'll celebrate that we have more in common OR I'll go to an event near me Jo was killed by a man who became isolated, then radicalised. She'd long been concerned about the polarisation in our communities and fought for unity and for the most marginalised people in our society -- refugees, the elderly and the lonely. Our country is going through upheaval and our media focuses on the divisions. Many of us don't even know our neighbours or the people who live on our streets. But if we look at how our communities respond after the terror attacks we see deep compassion and tolerance. The idea of the Great Get Together was born out of the desire to carry on Jo's work and celebrate our shared humanity with the simple powerful act of weaving our communities closer together. Sign up now to say you're in, and get more information on how you can get involved in your area. I want to join in OR I'll go to an event near me The Avaaz community is a shining example of what ordinary people can do together to defeat the forces of division. Let's unite together, in Jo's memory. Thanks, Brendan Cox with the Avaaz team