18 May 2016 

To NCRA Members : 

Dog attack in Footscray Meadows 

A member has asked NCRA to warn everyone of yet another dog attack in Footscray Meadows on Monday night at about 8pm.

Our member was walking her dog , a Shar-Pei, close to the path leading up to the church. A lady and man were walking two dogs, one, a collie type which was off the lead, and the other a white dog on the lead. The white dog attacked our member's Shar-Pei as it walked past.

The Lady and the Man both apologised but unfortunately it was not until later that night that the extent of the injury to the underside of the Shar-Pei's neck became apparent. As a result the Shar-Pei needed an expensive operation and veterinary treatment.

Our member believes that the couple are local, and should be made aware of the damage their dog has caused and the need to be very careful around other dogs in the future.