NCRA NewsMail

1 August 2016 

To NCRA Members : 

Smart water

Thanks to PCSO 7325 Pauline Cimen for the following information

Smart water is a forensic marking system capable of protecting household items such as tablets, smartphone, golf clubs, bicycles and jewellery.

It comes in a small pack and included in the pack is a couple of THIEVES BE AWARE deterrent signage. It is a traceable liquid exclusively registered to you. Its very easy to use and helps your local police recover stolen property. If you have a NHW set up in your road you can buy this smart water pack for £25 instead of rrp £70.

You would need to contact your local NHW to find out if you have a NHW set up in your road. They will check for you and if you do they will allocate you a code where the discount can be applied. If you do not have a watch set up in your road and you would like to become a NHW coordinator your local NHW will be able to give you advice/information as to how you apply.

The key benefits of Neighbourhood watch are:

Insurance discounts (not currently guaranteed but generally between 3% to 15%

Proven effect in reducing crime. Street signs tell would be criminals they are entering a Neighbourhood Watch area.

Helps build a sense of community.

Product offers and advice e.g. SmartWater genetic coding property marking.

Membership is completely free.

You will also receive updates from your local police team who will work alongside you.



NCRA has received one or two complaints about bonfires causing a nuisance

Whilst this is not a matter that is within the NCRA's remit, we are happy to point you to the following LINK that gives good advice that you may want to read before having a bonfire.