NCRA NewsMail

2 August 2016 

To NCRA Members : 

Horses on the Meadows

NCRA received a report by one of our members that their dog had been injured by a horse whilst walking on Footscray Meadows. Our member also said that riders are not adhering to the bridleways, bringing them into possible contact with dogs and pedestrians.

We have taken this matter up with Bexley and received a sympathetic reply that included the following :

We will send a circular letter to local stables asking them to remind riders using Foots Cray Meadows to keep to the designated bridleways. However as far as this particular incident goes, it should be recognised that it has been a long held practice to allow riders to dismount and walk the short distant of about 40m from the bridleway to the river to water the horses. Unfortunately in this particular incident it would seem that the injured dog was running off the lead and startled the horse. Given that Foots Cray Meadows is traversed by well publicised bridleways, dog owners also need to exercise additional care and control to reduce the risk of accidents.

As mentioned we will write to the local stables and both staff and park wardens will remain vigilant to these potential problems when on site.

We are happy to report that following expensive veterinary treatment, the injured dog is recovering well despite serious bruising and a small fracture over her left eye.