NCRA NewsMail

6 August 2016 

To NCRA Members : 

(1) Horses on the Meadows - further update.

NCRA have been notified by a member of a further dangerous incident caused by horse riders riding off of the designated bridleway at 3pm yesterday.

Our member says :

Horses were seen galloping on the stretch of green outside of numbers 65 - 79 The Grove that leads to the bridle way. This is the route used by people who park in the Grove and The Spinney and who take their children and/or dogs to the river. It is actually the closest place to park if heading for the lake.

Residents in this stretch of The Grove are very concerned that a really bad accident, totally down to the fault of the riders, is going to occur.

The Council have made more than adequate provision for the riders and go to considerable lengths to kept the bridle ways clear when trees come down. It is a shame that this particular band of riders are getting the rest a bad name.

Bexley have supplied the following email address that you may use to report any such incidents :

Everyone, including dog owners need to be careful when walking in the Meadows - especially where our member says that they riding. 


(2) Gordon Bennet

On a lighter note, another member has reported that one of North Cray's landmarks has been stolen:

Gordon Bennet was until recently in the front garden of the Round House on the North Cray Road near the 'Crocus' roundabout.

You will remember the amusement given to passing motorists by our member when he rigged up Gordon Bennet in appropriate gear according to the season, or at time when England was playing.

We all assumed that as the house has now been sold, Gordon has removed with his owner to a new home, but according to the report that we have received, this is sadly not the case.