NCRA NewsMail

10 August 2016 

To NCRA Members : 

Rogue Traders - please be aware.

Thanks to PC 613RY Paul Sealy for the following alert.

The police have had reports of rogue traders in the area. They are gaining access to properties, causing criminal damage to property when residents are distracted and then offering to make temporary repairs. These are usually of a building nature and often on roofs or in lofts.

They make up stories as to why they are there. It could be one of many excuses, i.e. they worked on the property several years before and want to check that it's all okay, they are working in the street or for neighbours. There is a very long list of their excuses.

They usually want money up front and then never come back. They can be quite persuasive and try to gain your trust.

The best advice that the police can give is not to engage in conversation with cold callers of any type. Never let them into your property or into your garden. If they become aggressive shut the door and dial 101 or if you feel that your safety is compromised, always phone 999.

If you can get registration numbers of any vehicles involved this may help the police to identify who these people are, but please only do this if it's safe. Do not put yourself at risk.