NCRA NewsMail

30 August 2016

To NCRA Members :

Bexley Natural Environment Forum

Thanks to Jonathan Rooks from Bexley Wildlife who sent us the following letter from Karen Sutton asking for your thoughts :.

The Bexley Natural Environment Forum is an umbrella body for Friends of Parks and Open Spaces groups, local wildlife and conservation enthusiasts, sustainability campaigners and those with a general interest in the natural environment of Bexley.

The Forum works to raise the profile of environmental issues, increase public engagement and promote discussion and encourage better policy making and implementation of these issues within and by the London Borough of Bexley.

Established in the mid 1990’s, the group has participated in the preparation of the borough’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), consulted on numerous council programmes such as the Core Strategy, Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation Review and presenting detailed submissions on important planning issues and applications.

In an effort to further engage with membership and possible new members, the BNEF have produced a short questionnaire to glean ideas from people. If you would like to respond to this questionnaire, please do complete and send via email to the Chair, Ray Gray, at who would welcome your thoughts.

You may not be aware of their current work or involvement in the borough, but if you have ideas of how you would like to see an environmental group evolve that can help you or the groups you are involved with, please make your suggestions in the relevant sections – thank you.

Kind regards

Karen Sutton