NCRA NewsMail

1 September 2016


48 Parsonage Lane Sidcup Kent
Conversion of existing dwelling and outbuilding, re-construction of existing barn to provide special day school

Decision: Application Refused

Conditions/Reasons for Refusal:

  1. The proposed change from residential use to an educational facility will result in the unacceptable reduction in Bexley's housing stock. The use will give rise to an intensity of activity which will have a detrimental impact on immediate neighbours, above and beyond that which would normally be experienced from family occupation. This will be contrary to the requirements of Policies ENV39 and H2 of the Unitary Development Plan (2004) and Policies CS01 and CS17 of the Bexley Core Strategy.

  2. The proposal is inappropriate development which will also result in a harmful impact on the open character and appearance within the Metropolitan Green Belt contrary to Section 9 of the NPPF (2012), London Plan (2015) Policy 7.16, and Bexley Core Strategy Policies CS01 and CS17

  3. Parsonage Lane which provides access to the site is by reason of its inadequate width, and lack of footway provision unsuitable to accommodate the increase in traffic likely to be generated. The proposed development will therefore result in additional hazards to highway safety and is contrary to Policy T6 of the Unitary Development Plan (2004) and Policy CS15 of the Council's Core Strategy.

  4. The location of the proposed development is likely to create the need for additional travel by private vehicles due to the lack of suitable access to alternative means of travel contrary to Policies CS01 and CS15 of the Council's Core Strategy

  5. The increased use of the site accesses onto Parsonage Lane, resulting from the proposed development would, by reason of the limited visibility from and of vehicles using the access, be likely to result in additional dangers to all users of the road and interference with the free flow of traffic contrary to Policy G18 of the Unitary Development Plan (2004) and Design and Development Control Guideline 5.

Planning control offered the following aditional information :

To assist applicants in a positive manner, the Local Planning Authority has produced policies and written guidance, all of which together with national and London wide policy is available on the Council's website. A pre-application advice service is also offered and encouraged. No pre-application discussions were entered into. On receipt, the scheme did not comply with policy or guidance and such significant amendments would have been required as to go beyond the scope of the submitted application. The LPA therefore delivered an adverse decision in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of the NPPF. The LPA invites the applicant to enter into a collaborative pre-planning application discussion process to see if a more acceptable planning application can be negotiated