NCRA NewsMail

16 October 2016

Quiz Night Update 

Thanks to Steve Brown from BOATE for the following.

There were 55 people at the October quiz and there were 8 teams who competed for 6 bottles of wine donated by the White Cross. It was won by a team called Mixed Nuts with a score of 109.

For the October quiz the source of the questions was changed because many that attended in September felt the questions a tad too difficult. Everyone was asked what they thought and everyone was happy. BOATE will continue to use the new source of questions in future.

The date of the next quiz night is 9th November (the second Wednesday in November) and again is at the White Cross, North Cray Road.

If you are interested in going to the quiz on Wednesday 9th for what will be a fun evening, please contact the pub directly either by phone on 020 8300 2590 or call in and talk to the bar staff. BOATE will also be running a raffle with some great prizes.

BOATE also have to announce that once again they have been let down in respect of their next play. They were planning to present "I'll be back before Midnight" by Peter Colley, however the lead actor has had to pull out at this late stage and unfortunately there is now not enough time to find a replacement and for him to learn the role. They have therefore had to cancel the show. BOATE will continue to plan new shows and hope that their luck improves in future.