NCRA NewsMail

17 October 2016

WARNING - Thieves in the area 

Thanks to James Rust for the following.

I've lived at the top of The Spinney since September 2011 and we've never had any trouble. At about 23:45 last night, Sunday 16th October, I heard movement outside, checked, and immediately found my bicycle to be missing. I instinctively jumped in my car, drove out of The Spinney, turned right heading towards the beginning of Foots Cray meadows, where I suddenly saw my bike. I stopped and checked, it was my bike plus another one. I locked my car, cycled my bike home, ran back to my car and found the wing mirrors smashed - they must have heard my car coming, hidden, and presumably been annoyed that I'd reclaimed my property. I rang the police who took all the details and was told someone would contact me today, Monday 17th October.

It was raining - maybe they were just opportunistic (although my front garden is quite hidden at the top end of a close, you cannot just walk or drive by, which is why I thought my bike was safe) but you never can tell. Hopefully they won't be back.

Needless to say, be extra vigilant and ensure your property is secure.