NCRA NewsMail

17 October 2016

More on 'Thieves in the area' 

We seem to be having a minor crime wave in the Grove and Spinney. Thanks to Mike Milcoy for alerting us to two more break-ins :

On return from work today I noticed my shed door open and the padlock forced off. I can't see that anything was taken! The shed was definitely ok at 9pm last night. I have reported to police, ref. 7573.

Also a neighbour's shed door, also in The Spinney, was found to have been opened!!

Again, if anyone in the Grove, the Spinney or other nearby roads has CCTV, please check your footage for last night between 2300 and midnight in case there are any images that may help the police.

If you do have any, please either contact

or let the NCRA know and we will pass on the information.