NCRA NewsMail

27 October 2016 

A warning to Cat Owners

Many cat owners will be aware of a recent spate of attacks on cats, mostly in the Croydon area. I will not repeat the grisly details, but you can get more information on the SNARL website.

Alarmingly there was a similar attack this week as close by as West Kingsdown.

Ex members who moved to West Kingsdown a few years ago were horrified when their cat was attacked and killed on Monday and whilst initially they assumed a fox attack, it seems that their vet thinks it was something more sinister (their cat was decapitated) and the circumstances are worryingly similar to the numerous attacks happening across Croydon, Bromley, Crayford and other similar areas.

They are receiving help from the charity SNARL, who are investigating these cat attacks across the region.

They write :

We are devastated as you can imagine and are keen to help prevent other cats from suffering in the same way. I thought that you may want to send out some comms to NCRA to warn people about being vigilant about strangers and also keeping their cats close (the attacks predominantly seem to occur at night), we have locked our catflap now and have set up a litter tray etc to keep her in.