NCRA NewsMail

2 November 2016 

A New Scam

Thanks to Bromley Neighbourhood Watch Association for sending the following alert :

BNWA has become aware of a new scam. A call is received, allegedly from Thames Water, to say it will be doing house-to-house checks for leaks. A Bromley resident, who received one of these calls, took a note of the phone number given and later checked with Thames Water using the number on the Water Bill. A clever move when ever a suspicious call is received.

Thames Water said it had no knowledge of the phone number or any note of a need to check anything. Thames confirmed it said never enters homes unless the householder reports a leak or disagrees with the bill and suggested the resident call the number back.

On calling what sounded like a call centre, the resident was told it was all about complimentary checks and not what was said previously!

The 'call centre' operator said any leaks will be repaired free of charge which is, of course, untrue as we all know leaks within the boundary of our property are our own responsibility - confirmed on the Thames Water website. So do not make any appointments for 'Thames Water' to visit your property - its a scam to gain entry.