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8 November 2016 

Boundary Commission - final recommendations.

You will recall that there were three recommendations submitted to the Boundary Commission in respect of North Cray.

One from the Labour Councillors, one from the Conservative Councillors and one from the NCRA, very similar to the Conservative Group but encompassing the whole of Footscray Meadows and transferring the Industrial Estate and travellers area into Sidcup.

NCRA are delighted to hear that our recommendation has been accepted by the Boundary Commission and subject to approval by Parliament will take effect in 2018.

This is an extract from the Boundary Commission's report :

St Mary's & St James

In our draft recommendations we proposed a two-member ward with the River Cray forming its western boundary. Whilst we received general support for this proposal we received evidence based on the nature of the Foots Cray Meadows through which the river runs. Local community organisations proposed that we include the whole of the Meadows in this ward because of the community's involvement in the use and management of the Meadows. Based on the evidence presented, we concur with that proposal.

It was also suggested that we exclude the area lying to the south of Maidstone Road from this ward. In line with our conclusion that the River Cray does not form a key marker for ward boundaries in this area, we have amended our proposals in order to include all of the industrial area at Maidstone Road in our Sidcup ward.

The full report can be accessed via this LINK