NCRA NewsMail

12 November 2016 

(1) Fluctuating Power Cuts

As many of you will know, there were two major power cuts in our area in August and September, and a member in Honeyden Road tells us that, since then, there have been fluctuations in power affecting timers, clocks and cookers etc. - something that is probably also happening in other parts of North Cray.

The advice she was given by UK Power Networks was to report to them every such incident so that they can monitor the situation and take action.

The telephone No. for reporting these is: 0800 7838866, extension 8066 (Natalie).

(2) New Home Screen

I have made some minor changes to the NCRA Website Home Page. The most noticeable is an interactive slide show with a small selection of North Cray Images.

If you have any suitable photographs that you would like to be included, please email them to me via the 'Contact NCRA' link at the bottom left of any NewsMail.