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15 November 2016 

 Please be warned

Thanks to Dana Whiffen of the Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association for this :

A device was found on an ATM cash machine in the Village last night. The person using the machine called the police as they thought something suspicious was going on and they were right, police attended and recovered a false facia at the top of the machine with a camera inside pointing down at the key pad and a device in the slot to catch the card. The card was returned on this occasion and no money stolen.

Our police team are checking ATMs on the ward when they are out patrolling but want you all to take care when using the ATMs and remember to use your hand to cover the key pad when entering you pin! The only set of eyes on your pin will be yours that way!

If you do see something suspicious on an ATM call '999' and DO NOT repeat DO NOT remove it as you never know who is watching or if the suspects are nearby.

Also in St.Mary's there has been a spate vandalism going from Bexley Village towards Dartford, around 2nd & 3rd of November a number of cars parked in drives in Dartford Road had their tyres slashed this coincided with the bus stop shelter opposite Wansunt Road being smashed and was followed by the one the other side of the road being smashed the following night.

There has also been several stones thrown at buses heading towards North Cray Road late at night and it is possible that all these incidents are linked to the same group of vandals.

If anyone heard or saw anything last week leading up to Guy Fawkes day and after, can you please let Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association know, the police are interested to learn if the group were heading towards Bexley Park or up Baldwyns Park. TFL are aware of the bus stop damage and attacks on their vehicles but of course those with tyres slashed have costly replacements to pay for.

BBNWA can be contacted by phone : 0208 284 5537 
or by email :