NCRA NewsMail

15 November 2016 

Thefts from Vehicles

Thanks to PCSO 7325 Pauline Cimen from Cray Meadows Neighbourhood Policing Team for the following :

A few thefts from motor vehicles have happened in the past few weeks on the ward.

North Cray Road - between 8th/9th November - 1630 - 0700 hrs, 2 Vans were broken into and tools taken. Both vehicles had the driver's door lock barrelled.

Cleminson Court Sidcup - between 7th/8th November - 1630 - 0630 hrs, number plates were stolen from a motorbike.

Ellenborough Road Sidcup - Between 7th/8th November - 1945 - 1155 hrs, again, number plates were stolen from a motorbike.

PCSO Cimen gives the following advice :

Please make sure nothing of value is left inside your vehicle. Please also make sure all doors are securely locked even if the vehicle is on the drive. Do not leave your car keys near to the front or back doors inside your premises.