NCRA NewsMail

16 November 2016 

Footscray Meadows - Use by Professional Dog Walkers

Further to our previous NewsMail about this worrying concern, members might find it helpful to have in full the information kindly provided to us by Bexley's Parks and Open Spaces department.

This covers not only its position as regards Dangerous and Out Of Control Dogs. It also gives information about Dog Walking and Dog Fouling, and also gives a helpful Link to Parks and Open Spaces Byelaws.

Please follow this Link to read the full information which in turn provides direct Links to Bexley Council's website for the various topics covered, with the relevant contact details.

It has been stressed to us that the information relating to Dog Walking and the position taken by the Council on this does not relate specifically to the Meadows but is related to a general borough-wide assessment that was made some years ago