NCRA NewsMail

22 November 2016 

Two scams currently occurring. 

Thanks to Lindsey Kennet from Cobham Neighbourhood Watch for the following warnings : 

(1) In the first scam a call is received from a gentleman claiming to be from Talk Talk, saying the router was sending error messages.

He gives the following number 0161 7680738 to call back on.

This is a Manchester code and a Google search reveals the number is listed by other members of the public as linked with similar scam calls.

The call itself is similar to the call centre calls that are received from Talk Talk and sounds authentic.

Please be wary, and remember not to give out any personal details 

(2) The second scam that has been reported to the NHW office is that the Facebook Hackers are back.

They are gaining access to peoples accounts and via this getting peoples personal information - such as bank details and removing money.

Please make sure you do not have any bank details saved anywhere on your devices.

Try to change your password regularly on any sites that require them and do not click on any links that you are not sure about