NCRA NewsMail

24 November 2016 


Thanks to Manor Road (Cobham) Neighbourhood Watch for the following scam alert :

If you see a news item pop up on the side of your computer screen which says "A sad day in the film (or science) world, as people pay their respects to the late Roger Moore" (or Stephen Hawking, or whoever), DON'T CLICK ON IT!

If you do, your computer will freeze with dire warnings that your computer is infected, your personal details are being downloaded, and you must contact Microsoft Support on 0800 *** immediately, etc.

It's a SCAM. The call will be a premium rate line, and the so-called 'Microsoft' engineer will want to take remote access of your computer and charge you for so-called spyware protection, while he is probably loading his own spyware.

If it happens to you and your PC or laptop freezes, just switch it off for a few minutes and switch it back on again.

If you let them into your computer, get it disinfected and change your passwords. Do not speak to them on the phone just hang up