NCRA NewsMail

1 December 2016 

Met Police Scam Email Alert.

Thanks to Andrew Davis, Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch for the following scam alert :

An email is in circulation pertaining to come from a Met Police email account. 

The email sender is shown as This is not a valid Metropolitan Police email address. 

The subject is shown as Crime Prevention Advice. 

A file called is shown as attached to the email. The text of the message is as follows:

See attached document to read more about crime prevention advice. 
Metropolitan Police Service.

Intelligence suggests that if the attachment is opened, iSpy key logger malware is downloaded on to the host device. 

Be vigilant about protecting your devices against fraudulent scams. 

As always: 

Do not follow the instructions, click on links, or open attachments. 

Do not trust unsolicited calls. 

Do not provide any personal information. 

Please be on your guard against such emails and warn family & friends by sharing this alert where you are able.