NCRA NewsMail

13 December 2016 

Bexley Borough Burglary Alert.

Thanks to Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch for this alert :

BBNWA have been made aware that burglars are targeting Bexley in the run up to Christmas.

BBNWA are asking their volunteers to be extra alert and to note any suspicious persons or vehicles and to report this activity to BBNWA straight away.

These thieves are gaining entry by smashing in back doors which must create some noise.

If you hear what could be a burglary in motion please report it to police on 999; if you see suspicious activity such as persons hanging around or vehicles parked that are not familiar, please report this with full details such as date/time/registration number of vehicle and description of person(s) directly to Neighbourhood Watch.

Email: | Tel: 020 8284 5537

BBNWA will ensure it goes directly to the appropriate police department.

Police Patrols are going to target the A2 slip roads in an effort to combat this increase in theft, which is thought to be by persons from outside of the Borough.

Can you please ensure your neighbours are aware of this criminal activity.

Many thanks.