NCRA NewsMail

11 January 2017

Rogue Tradesman

Thanks to Denise Hart who sent us this warning following her experience with a rogue tradesman :

Hi I have an incident to report. A tradesman who was introduced via my bank's home emergency service took away an expensive light fitting to fix. 

I bought the part for him. What followed was a series of excuses why returning the light would be delayed 

Finally after 4 weeks prompting he switched off his phone. 

I wonder whose ceiling my beautiful light fitting occupies. 

He is around 35, slim and residing in or near Bluewater (so he says), very plausible and committing theft under cover of a legitimate company. 

Denise Hart

We have not published details of the bank or the emergency service provider or the name given by the tradesman, but if any member is thinking of using a tradesman that matches his description, please email us via the committee email link given below. We will confirm if their potential tradesman has the same name as the one that took away Denise's light fitting.

We have written to the emergency service provider to give them an opportunity to comment. We will publish their response if and when they respond.