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25 February 2017

(1) Cabinet recommends 3.99% Council Tax increase

A news alert today from Bexley Council announced that the likely increase in council tax in April 2017 will be just under 4%. The average band D household will pay an extra £51.00 this year.

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(2) Message from Cray Meadows Police

Thanks to PC Paul Sealy for sending the following information :

There has been an increase in phone call scams. Scammers who pretend to be from banks or building societies claim that your account has been compromised and you should draw all your money out. They say that if someone at the bank challenges you as to why you are drawing your money out, you should not tell them because they might be in on it.

No bank or financial institution will ever make such a call and will never ask you for your card or account details. If you get one of these calls, hang up, WAIT FOR A DIAL TONE or USE A DIFFERENT PHONE and call the police on 101. This is important as the scammer can keep the line open and then pretend to be the police.

There have also been reports in Bromley of two males and one female who impersonate plain clothes police officers and try to get access to peoples houses with the intention of commiting crime.

If anyone knocks at your door saying they are police, ask to see a warrant card. If you are in any doubt and unless they are in uniform and there is a police vehicle outside, call 101 to check that they are real officers. Any genuine officer will happily show you their warrant card.

The same advice goes for anyone asking to enter your home. All utilty company staff carry ID and will happily wait whilst you telephone their company to verify their credentials. You can sign up for regular emails from our local police team by emailing