NCRA NewsMail

26 February 2017

More Illegal Fishing

A member reported that she had seen men walk over to the river not carrying any rods, but they then bent down and seemed to be assembling rods. It seems that they are cunning and obviously well aware that people are keeping their eyes open.

Our member telephoned the Environment Agency and 101. A land rover/warden drove over a few hours after the event and a representative from environmental made contact about the same time. He was appreciative of our member's call but explained that they only have the power to move the fishermen on. He asked a few questions and said to to phone again if any fishermen or crayfish traps are seen.

On this occasion the fishermen may have been scared off when the Fire Brigade attended to tackle a grass fire opposite to our member's house.

It is important that members keep on phoning the EA as and when they see anything like this going on. It helps to build up the pressure for resources to be spent on this. We would also urge dog walkers to keep their eyes open and do the same (taking a photo of any suspicious van/number plate if they can without putting themselves at risk).