NCRA NewsMail

7 March 2017

More on Street Lighting

Thank you to the member who sent in the following response to yesterday's NewsMail.

I wish to register an alternative view to those residents who have contacted you regarding the reduction in street lighting cover as I don't believe this to be the case. Yes, there is a different light but the new LEDs clearly illuminate the road and pavements so no reduction in cover, we do need to ensure energy costs are reduced and reduce the light pollution which I believe these lights achieve and as a bonus the LEDs have meant that the street light outside my house no longer illuminates my bedroom. So, no I don't want to go back to the Sodium Lights. Before you fire off emails to the Council on issues such as this would you not think it pertinent to ask the members for their views!!

Perhaps you might like to consider taking up some of my issues. The practice of some residents to put their rubbish for collection out on Saturday evening or Sunday morning in some cases not bothering to cover bins which results in rubbish spilling out on the pavement or grass verge - cars parking across crossovers blocking pavements snd perhaps discouraging horse riders from using the pavements and incidentally like many others I don't approve of dog mess but what about horses mess all over the pavements. Finally and perhaps my biggest issue is the vehicle parking at the junction St James and High Beeches which forces cars travelling from the North Cray entrance towards the shops onto the wrong side of the road as well as those turning into High Beeches to cut the corner despite vehicles coming up to the junction.

I await a response,

To make it clear, NCRA absolutely accept that the new LED lamps are better or 'greener,' in that they use less energy.

We have only asked that Bexley investigate the situation in those areas where residents are unhappy and and if possible remedy the situation. It is so that Bexley know where residents feel that it is a problem that we have asked members via the NewsMail to contact Bexley as individuals.

A suitable remedy may involve changing the reflectors, or adding a diffuser, or possibly finding a different model of LED lamp. We are NOT campaigning or even suggesting that Bexley go back to Sodium lamps. Apologies if the NewsMail gave the wrong impression.

As a general rule we are happy to impartially forward any issues referred to us by members to the relevant authority. We do not start a campaign on issues that are not covered by our constitution unless many residents are affected by the said issue and they are not getting an acceptable response to their own approaches.