NCRA NewsMail

7 March 2017

Parking problems -St James Way & High Beeches

The issue of parking at the St James Way junction with High Beeches has been reported to us several times. 

We have contacted Bexley by email and the response from the Traffic Services Team is as follows :

Thank you for your email which has been passed to me to respond to in regards to the parking at the junction of St James Way with High Beeches, Sidcup.

Inconsiderate parking can, unfortunately, have serious consequences for road safety. Unfortunately, the continuous growth of car ownership, its usage, combined with the limited off street private parking is having an unprecedented level of pressure on parking on the public highways in the Borough. The vehicles currently parked at this location are not breaking any laws or parking contraventions. Providing that vehicles are taxed, MOT'd and insured, they are legally able to park on the carriageway. I do however note that this can still cause problems.

Consequently, I will add this location to the list of sites to investigated as part of the Council bi-annual review of waiting restrictions. If any changes are proposed, subject to the approval of the Cabinet member, who has final decision, the affected residents will be notified for any comments. However I must stress, if there is progression, as this is opposite residential properties, this would likely attract many objections, and there would be no guarantees that this would deter drivers. Although, this would also penalise local residents and their visitors and, as such, any proposal of this nature is likely to provoke strong objections from local residents themselves, as this may take away some parking.