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11 March 2017

Parking problems -St James Way & High Beeches Cont.

We have received the following comments from members regarding the issue of parking at the junction of St James Way & High Beeches :

From John Roper :

There are double yellow lines at the junction in High Beeches, but people still park on them making it impossible to see on coming traffic.

And from Simon Stevens who writes :

Re the parking issue at St James Way, I can totally understand the councils reply however there are double yellow line in High Beeches opposite the junction with The Grove they were placed there as it is dangerous. May I suggest that allowing cars to park directly opposite the junction the council are allowing a dangerous situation. I agree High Beeches is a narrower road however if the junction was completely clear it would make the junction safer. The sole reason people park where they do is laziness as they will have to walk an extra 15 metres to the shops to the shops.

Double yellow lines opposite the junction would make St James Way safer. May I also highlight the fact that recently a teenager was badly injured when he was running through the cut through across St James Way towards High Beeches and ran out between the parked cars and was hit by a passing motorist had the road been clear the poor motorist may have been able to stop sooner.

I have found this on the web it may help in future consultation with the council.

Parking near junctions (Rule 243) being one piece of advice stating: 'DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space'. Almost all of us have parked within 10 metres of a junction at some point and as can be seen by observing car parking habits around us, many people park too close on a daily basis.


Although there's not a law that specifically prohibits motorists from parking close to a junction, you may still find your vehicle ticketed on your return. A non-endorsable (no penalty points added to your driving licence) Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) under the offence of unnecessary obstruction will see you fined £50, or up to £100 for more serious circumstances.

The council parking wardens are quick enough to ticket people on the pavements why not unnecessary obstruction of a junction?