NCRA NewsMail

15 March 2017

Burglary Alert.

We have received the following information from an NCRA Member:

A property in High Beeches was burgled at about 8.45pm last evening. 

Burglars used a crow bar or similar to force open an aluminium front door with lever bolts and enter the whole property. . 

A car and scooter were heard leaving the scene at high speed once the alarm was activated. 

Everyone should be vigilant. This is the second reported theft in High Beeches in the past 6 months where scooters have been used

Parking problems.

The same NCRA member also commented further to the recent discussions on Parking problems at the junction of St James Way & High Beeches :

I don't think parking wardens have the juridiction to issue tickets for obstruction. It may be only the Police.