NCRA NewsMail

15 March 2017

Parking problems - update from Bexley.

NCRA have just received the following response to our enquiry on behalf of members regarding Parking problems at St James Way & High Beeches :

The comments made have been noted, and will be added as part of the request for the location. As per my previous email, the location has been added to the bi-annual review, to be reviewed. As of yet no decision has been made for the location. When the review, and site visits start, at this present time, this is due to be May 2017, several visits will be undertaken to view the location. If it is deems necessary, for safety reasons, the location will be put forward for the introduction of waiting restrictions. 

As of this current time, no decision has been made on any location requested. Please be assured, all locations are thoroughly investigated. Once this has been undertaken, you will be informed. 

In regards to the comments regarding FPNs (Fixed Penalty Notices) FPNs can only be issued by the Police. The Police can issue for parking close to a junction, under the highway code. Unfortunately the Council has no powers to issue any type of penalty to vehicles parking close to the junction, unless there are restrictions in place, a TMO or any legislation permitting it. 

Footway parking, and being on the footway are capable of being issued with a PCN, as there is currently a London Wide footway ban, imposed by the GLA (Greater London Assembly), which prevents vehicles from doing this, therefore the Council can issue Penalty Charge Notice in this instance. 

I trust this information is of use, and further explains some of the concerns raised.