NCRA NewsMail

7 April 2017

Recent criminal activity

There was an attempted burglary in Bexley Lane on 4/4/2017. The house owner disturbed a man trying to force open his front door with a crowbar.

A motor vehicle was stolen from Whitney Walk on 3/4/2017

A motor vehicle was stolen from Thursland Road on 3/4.2017

Number plates were stolen from a motor vehicle in St James Way Sidcup some time betweeen 30/3/2017 and 5/4/2017.

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen from Cray Meadows Neighbourhood Policing Team for alerting us to these events and for the following advice :

Please make sure that if you have a porch this is locked. Please keep all keys (house and car) in a safe place away from the front/back doors. Make sure your car is securely locked even if on the drive.