NCRA NewsMail

6 May 2017 

Waste4Fuel Heap - Update

In September 2016 we reported that the Waste4Fuel site in St Paul's Cray, close to the Crittals roundabout had been purchased by Bromley Council and that the site was due to be cleared. It was said that 'green' use would then be made of this piece of Green Belt land.

To date the exercise has cost in the region of four million pounds, both in clearing the site and the 160 plus fire brigade call-outs to deal with blazes at the site.

Work was halted in March this year after contaminated waste was found at the bottom of the pile. This needs to be disposed of more carefully and with a consequential increase in cost.

A NEWS SHOPPER article has now reported that the clearance will take longer than originally thought and will cost even more money, because the amount of waste was underestimated by the Environment Agency.

Bromley is seeking to secure increased funding from the government to continue clearing the dump, and said that this will not happen until after the general election on June 8.