NCRA NewsMail

20 May 2017

(1) Gravel Hill Delays

The road works in Bexleyhearh in Albion Road and the Broadway that have been affecting traffic for the last four months are due to move to a new phase. 

The existing junctions with the A220 are to be replaced with roundabouts. 

It is expected that there will increased delays in the final stage which is expected to commence in June.


(2) Kayla's Bar & Kitchen

Sidcup Community Group are asking residents to support them in opposing an application made by Kayla's Bar & Kitchen, at 20 the High St. Sidcup, for a licence to remain open until 3 in the morning.

SCG write :

We have thus far managed to maintain a pre-midnight curfew in Sidcup High Street in order to reduce the obvious impact on residents who live in the area. Many have suffered anti-social behaviour, car door slamming, shouting and people urinating in public places and on residents' properties.

There is no reason to believe that customers of this establishment will be any better or worse in this respect.

The application is being opposed by the Police, Environmental Health and the Licensing Authority. The application is being considered next week but there is still time to make your feelings known especially if you have suffered the results of late night disturbance.

To lend your support to Sidcup Community Group and register your views on this matter, send your comment by email to :