NCRA NewsMail

23 May 2017

(1) Burglary in Parsonage Lane

There has been a burglary at North Cray Riding Stables overnight. It appears the thieves came up the bank behind the stables between No 25 and the riding stables and stole selected items - saddles and expensive riding tack.

Alert to local residents Please be aware of this break-in. It would appear that the thieves gained access from the farm at the end of our gardens so our properties, garages and sheds are all somewhat vulnerable to a break-in from this direction, especially as the thieves are aware of the possibility of easy access.


(2) Kayla's Bar & Kitchen - Update

A number of members contacted Bexley Licensing Authority in response to the appeal by Sidcup Community Group Which asked for support in opposing an application for a licence to remain open until 3 in the morning.

Unfortunately the deadline for comments had long passed. There was some confusion because the licensing Portal displayed a single entry for Kayla's Bar & Kitchen which gave very little information as to the nature of the application but showed the status as open for consultation. After some correspondence with Bexley's licencing department it became clear that this application was not the one described by SCG and was mistakenly shown as open for consultation.

We thank Principal Licensing Officer Samantha Laing for clarifying this and for this LINK to Bexley's web site which gives full details of the applications.