NCRA NewsMail

7 June 2017 

Comments received re. Death of 2 Cygnets

This is so very sad. Time and again those of us who walk the meadows regularly see thoughtless dog owners who do not put their dogs on leads around the lake area, no good feeling distraught when anyone with an ounce of sense would realise that any breed of dog can be a threat to the wildlife.

The owner was lucky that the swans did not attack as the male swan attacked a couple of dogs near its nest last week and nearly drowned one of them. 

As dog owners we all need to be responsible for the safety of our animals and the wild life we are so lucky to live near. 

London Borough of Bexley could not be blamed if they made the lake area a dog free zone which would be very sad for those of us who do have the common sense to keep our dogs on leads in that area.

Muriel Simmons