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7 June 2017 

Death of 2 Cygnets (Cont.)

Thanks to Tony Richardson for the following contribution :

Following on from your last update on the strength of the cygnets I googled a couple of question on the subject of swans

Who owns the Swans?

Technically, the Crown owns all unmarked mute swans in open water, and the Queen only exercises her ownership rights on some stretches of the Thames and its tributaries. 

What animals are protected by the Queen?

All 5,300 breeding pairs of mute swan in Britain are officially owned by the Queen. 

What is the penalty for killing a swan?

The graceful birds belong to the Crown under an ancient charter and are also protected by the Wildlife And Countryside Act. Swans are the property of The Queen and anyone who harms one may be prosecuted for criminal damage. Killing or injuring a swan carries a £5,000 fine or six months