NCRA NewsMail

15 June 2017

More On Dogs In The Meadows And Cygnets

NCRA has received two reports today, presumably relating to the same incident : 

The swans and her remaining three cygnets were sitting on the riverbank this morning between 08:45 to 09:15 when a husky type dog ran over and picked up one of the cygnets in its mouth. Luckily, another dog owner ran to help and squeezed the Husky's throat until it let go of the cygnet. 

This helper put the Cygnet back in the water and it swam away. Hopefully, the trauma doesn't effect the cygnet.

Perhaps it's time for dogs to be kept on leads now

And :

This morning sadly whilst my husband and I were walking my dog, witnessed another swan attacked by a dog. The dog who my husband has told the owner to put it on a lead grabbed one of the cygnets and ran off with it. Steve ran after the dog, the owner god knows what she was doing was shouting to me to pick up her bag and lead which she had thrown on the grass...Why I don't know. Steve caught the dog and was able to get it to let go of the cygnet and carried it back to the mother and father.

Two points.

Please if your dog would go for the swans whilst by the riverside, put it on a lead.

Please can anyone let me know if the cygnet is ok.