NCRA NewsMail

6 July 2017

Update on AGM Issues

Cray Meadows Police SNT Contact Information

Team Members  PC Phil Clark and PCSO Pauline Cimen
Mobile Phone  0784 3291106


Bexley Growth Strategy

Councillor Don Massey reminded members that there is still time to comment on Bexley's Growth Strategy as published in a NewsMail on 19th May 2017. The short summary on Bexley's website is very readable and gives an opportunity for residents to make their comments.

It is only by responding that we can hope to have our views taken into account. To access the relevant web page please follow this LINK


NCRA Facebook Page

During the after meeting discussion, NCRA was kindly offered by one of our members assistance in setting up an NCRA Facebook Page. 

Whilst we discuss the possible mechanism for setting up and maintaining a Facebook Page, it would be useful if members let us know via the 'CONTACT NCRA' link below if they have any thoughts, either for or against this exciting idea.