NCRA NewsMail

25 July 2017

Cygnet in distress - Update

Yesterday evening there was great concern about the plight of a swan/cygnet that was seen to have a fishing line wrapped around its neck or in its mouth. As reported in the previous NewsMail, our member who had witnessed this had fortunately phoned the RSPCA and one of their officers attended this morning together with a council official and found that all was now well.

However, as this kind of incident is likely to happen again due to the ongoing illegal fishing, we thought we should give you the contact phone No. for the RSPCA's Wildlife team :

0300 1234999

Please do not hesitate or delay in reporting directly to them if you should see that that one of our swans or cygnets is injured. Then please let us know so that we can add it to the log we are maintaining of these incidents.

Time is of the essence in cases such as this.

The Committee