NCRA NewsMail

27 July 2017


Thanks to PC Richard Bradford & PCSO Angel Neofitou from St Mary's Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team for the following Hound Watch Alert :

This is a warning for all dog walkers and people visiting Bexley Woods. I have received information that there have been incidents where dogs have fallen seriously ill and unfortunately one fatality after being taken for a walk in Bexley Woods.

Please, if you have any information or have suffered similar circumstances then please get in touch but be EXTRA VIGILANT, do not let your dog eat food scattered on the floor in the woods or allow unknown people to give your dog treats.

If you do see someone discarding food in the woods and you believe it is suspicious please contact the SNT on 02087212816 with a description but DO NOT challenge them, do not put yourself at risk as that's our job. This is a matter we are looking into and any information will be appreciated.


Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to Don Ramkin, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for the following advice :

Can everyone remember that with the summer comes the unwanted door knockers touting for Gardening/tree pruning work, Roofing/guttering cleaning, and Driveway work.

These cold callers are usually in unmarked transit vans and not in any kind of company uniform but you may see them slowly driving around looking at houses. Likewise, they will often put a card through doors if nobody answers when they knock , but can I just remind everyone to please look out for their elderly neighbours as these are often the easy target for chancers and that if you haven't personally called anyone or don't actually need the work done , don't answer the door but if you do DON'T be talked into having any work done.

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen for the following update :

On Monday 24th July 2017 at approximately 11.30 hrs there was an attempted burglary in St James Way. Entry through back patio. The suspect ran away when seen by occupier. No items were stolen.

There has been a slight decrease in burglaries this week compared to the last couple of weeks. That also goes for theft of motor vehicle/theft from motor vehicle.