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3 August 2017

News from Neighbourhood Watch

Thanks to Neighbourhood Watch Office Chairman Dana Wiffen for sending us the following report of his meeting with James Brokenshire :

As Chairman I met with our Patron & MP for Bexley & Sidcup and Cabinet Minister for Northern Ireland - James Brokenshire on Friday 28th July.

One of the many items discussed was the planned closure of Bexleyheath Police Station Front Desk and later the closure of the Police Station itself. Our concerns of the planned merging of Lewisham, Greenwich & Bexley Police was also voiced and received sympathetically by our Patron who agrees that Bexleyheath is the best and most central place for a police station in the Borough.

We are looking to arrange an on-line petition as well as a manual one working to get as many signatures as possible across the Borough.

With the continued increase in crime any further cuts to police is only going to make the situation worse in the coming years.


Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen for the following update :

28/07/2017 between 0220 & 0245 hrs - Non-residential burglary - North Cray Road Building Site - 2 company vehicles taken
27/07/2017 between 0050 & 055 hrs - Male arrested for motor vehicle interference after being discovered by patrolling officers - Betterton Drive
01/08/2017 at 0830 hrs - Robbery - Waring Road - 2 males, one armed with a screwdriver. Victim's laptop taken
28/07/2017 at 1330 hrs - Theft from Motor vehicle - Five Arches Business Estate - Laptop taken.


Thanks to Neighbourhood Watch Office for compiling the following update from various sources :


From the various reports of dogs becoming unwell recently, it seems one of the areas to avoid are rivers, where several dogs have become ill after going into and drinking river water. It would seem a good idea to prevent your dogs going into any rivers for now. We have also heard that dog poo bags discarded in bushes, woods & alleyways which contain poo that has been picked up but not disposed of properly can also contain germs and bacteria that can be harmful to dogs if accessed by them.