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17 August 2017

(1) Bexleyheath Police Station Front Office Closure

Thanks to Danielle Fuller from Bexley Safer Neighbourhood Board for sending us details of the following public consutation :

MOPAC  (the Mayor's office for Policing & Crime)  has now published its draft

Public Access and Engagement Strategy.

It asks a number of questions, particularly about how the Met and MOPAC '..should improve public engagement..', and proposes a shift of Met resources away from front counters and Contact Points to cope with shrinking budgets. That shift will include the closure of 40 out of 73 police station front counters in favour of online reporting and Community Contact Sessions.

You may have seen in recent news such as the Newshopper that there are plans to close the front office counter at Bexleyheath Police Station, to be replaced by a front office counter in Marlowe House, Sidcup. It is also expected that Bexleyheath police station will close completely at some point in the future.

We believe that the alternative location at Sidcup will restrict the majority of Bexley resident's access to police services and not all residents have access to internet facilities nor do they have their own transport to travel to Sidcup.

For more information and for anyone wishing to directly respond to the consultation please go to :

The consultation closes on 6 October 2017

Bexley SNB have set up a petition which residents who feel strongly about this closure, and would like to add their support can do so via this link :

Bexleyheath Police Station Front Office Closure Petition.


(2) Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to Police SNT Team - PCSO Pauline Cimen for sending the following local news.

11th August - 12th August - 1730-0630 hrs - Criminal Damage - Ellenborough Road - Transit Van - Drivers door lock has been taken from the van. Nothing stolen from inside the van. No suspects seen
10th August - 11th August - 2100-0700 hrs - Theft from motor vehicle - Eaton Road - Car left on the drive - Small amount of change taken from unlocked car. No suspects seen
PC Paul Sealy has been patrolling the ward in plain clothes regarding an address of interest on the ward. Enquiries ongoing.
A youth who resides on the ward has been intereviewd and referred to the Youth Offending Team regarding criminal damage to a motor vehicle on Ellenborough Road. The incident was captured on CCTV which the youth admitted.