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10 September 2017

News from Neighbourhood Watch

Week ending 31 August


The expansion of Biker Gang Crime and nuisance is not just a Bexley problem in London, many of the culprits are under age and the police are not allowed to chase them for fear of injury. We all know this is frustrating but there needs to be changes in the law so that police officers can clamp down on these youths knowing that they are supported by the law courts until this is done these trouble makers know that in most cases they can get away with it. I suggest writing to your MP asking that they support new laws that will help police tackle this growing problem.

(Dana Wiffen-Chairman, Neighbourhood Watch Office)


Thanks to Police SNT Team, PCSO Pauline Cimen and PC Phil Clark for the following :

There was a residential burglary between 25th/26th August between 2000-0820 hrs. An untidy search took place mainly upstairs. No items were taken. Entry was gained via rear kitchen door. A small hole was made next to door handle. The keys had been left in the door and entry gained using the key. Please be extra vigilant and report any unusual behaviour. Please make sure keys are not left in the door or left anywhere near the front/back door. Car keys should be kept in a safe secure. Please relay this message to your local neighbours.
There have been a few motor vehicle related offences reported this week. Please consider using tamper proof screws for number plates. Theft of number plates from an unattended vehicle. Venue - Baugh Road, on 25/08/17 between 0930 and 1330. Theft of number plates from unattended vehicle. Venue - Hollytree Parade Sidcup Hill, between 1930 hours on 22/08/17 and 0520 on 23/08/17.
Theft of motor vehicle, some point between 19/08/17 and 20/08/17 but only reported on 26/08/17. Venue - Private lock up at the Stables North Cray Road.
Moped moved from victims driveway thought to have been an attempt to steal it. Venue - Palm Avenue on 24/08/17 at 2330
Burglary - High beeches. From 25/08/2017 at 2000 hrs to 26/08/2017 at 0800hrs.Occupants away on holiday. Small pane of glass in rear kitchen door smashed near to lock where key was left in door. Suspects then reached through to turn key. Unknown if property taken until occupants return. Crime Prevention advice- please make sure you take the key out of door when locking it.