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14 September 2017


Thanks to Dana Wiffen, Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association Chairman for the following update :

Firstly, a big thank you to all those that attended Thursday night's meeting at The Council Civic Offices main chamber, with representatives from The Mayor's Office including the Deputy Mayor-Sophie Linden and Bexley Police Borough Commander-Stuart Bell who took questions from a passionate 90 Bexley residents who attended. The top table also included Joyce Sutherland, Chair of Bexley Safer Neighbourhoods Board and myself representing BBNWA.

We were told that this is part of a London wide programme to try and save £400million from the MET's budget.

Some of the arguments against were;- ·

Bexleyheath is Central to the Borough - Sidcup is not. · Bexleyheath allows a quick response to crime in the North of the Borough such as Thamesmead, Sidcup would not. · Bexleyheath is accessible from all parts of the Borough by bus, Sidcup is not. ·

Bexleyheath Town Centre has its own problems around pub closing times on Fridays and Saturdays how would police responding from Sidcup be able to handle these problems quickly? ·

Pushing for a reality type police contact would exclude the 30% of over 65 year olds that do not have computer access. ·

There are no public parking facilities near to Marlow House and bus services to other parts of the Borough are limited making travel say from Erith to Sidcup difficult. ·

With a growing population in Bexley, the planned building in the North of the Borough as well as around Bexleyheath was pointed out with residents amazed that none of this has been taken into consideration.

We feel that the plans to close both the 24/7 front office and police station will rip the heart out of community policing in the Borough, and that the already rising crime figures will continue during this process if it goes ahead.

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