NCRA NewsMail

14 September 2017

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to Police SNT Team - PCSO Pauline Cimen for the following update :

Attempted Burglary - The Grove - 08/09/2017 - 0450 hrs - Front Door and Porch door left open. Two suspects on a scooter were disturbed by occupant. No entry gained. No details of suspects given.
Theft from Motor Vehicle - Maidstone Road - 06/09/2017 - 1345 hrs - Trailer of vehicle taken.
Criminal Damage to motor vehicle - Cray Road - 11/09/2017 - 0030-0035 hrs- Rear window smashed as well as both tail lights.
Sunday 17th September at 1030 hrs - PC Phil Clark and PC Paul Sealy will be in the car park at Footscray Baptist Church Sidcup Hill with the CCTV van handing out crime prevention advice. Please come along and say hello. Footscray Baptist Church are holding their Harvest Festival Service on 17th. We look forward to seeing you there.


Some useful advice here too from PCSO Steve Graves from Sidcup SNT who received an email from a resident in Selborne Road stating that he has just rejected two applications for credit cards using his name and address :

Please be aware of such scams, the likelihood is that someone is targeting your post and stealing it for identity fraud. External post boxes are partularly vulnerable

Obviously the best solution is to not have an external box but if this is not possible then the size of the opening should be reduced. This will depend on the type of box that you have but with the gap being much smaller then the mail cannot be removed by a hand or phishing through the gap in the box.

It is also worth noting that some residents have unlocked porches with letter-boxes in them. With the mail just laying on the floor then this can be easily stolen.

If you know of any friends, family or neighbours who have external boxes perhaps you could pass this information on to them.

Please also check out the website which can hold some of your personal information.

To check this please enter your name followed by i.e. john smith It is possible by paying a small fee that people can register on the website to get a report on your personal information.

If you do find any personal information that you do not want in the public domain please go to the link below to obtain an 'Record Removal Form'

On a final note, if you are receiving random phone calls then please, under no circumstances whatsoever should you release any of your personal details to strangers.

Banks or the Police wouldn't ask for account or PIN numbers over the phone, so please, DO NOT give them to strangers or anyone else for that matter.

You can buy telephones these days which by and large block these scam calls. A resident recommended the BT Advance Call Blocker phone (BT8500). I am sure other brands are available too. This apparently provides an easy-to setup call filter and they have not had any scam calls since.

Certainly worth considering ladies and gents, they are not hugely expensive, definitely something worth considering, especially if you have elderly vulnerable neighbours or family who tend to fall prey to such scams.