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21 September 2017

(1) Suspicious Motor Cyclists.

Thanks to Charles Bint for the following report which has ben passed to the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

I saw 2 young men sitting on a motorcycle parked up on the pavement in The Spinney. I can't be certain whether they saw me, although I believe it likely that they did, but they got on the bike and drove off. This was at 03.10 in the morning. One of them was checking out his phone at the time.

Sadly I couldn't get a registration number, but with the recent issues re motorcycle crimes, and burglaries I felt this might be of interest to our local Neighbourhood Police team. The motorcycle was of the 'twist & go scooter' variety.

Charles did not have the contact details for the Safer Neighbourhood team to hand and asked us to pass this on. Please see Neighbourhood Watch Update below for advice on the action to take in respect of possible motorcycle offenders.


(2) Neighbourhood Watch Update.

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen, Police SNT Team for the following update :

Cray Meadows have had a one theft from motor vehicle and one theft of motor vehicle in the past week. Details are listed below
18/09/2017 - Riverside Road - Theft of Motor Vehicle - 1555 hrs - Delivery driver was delivering a parcel at the time and left the keys in the ignition. Suspects gained entry and stole the vehicle.
15/09/2017 - JJ Food Service, Maidstone Road - Attempted theft from motor vehicle - 1434 hrs - suspects attempted to gain entry but vehicle was locked at the time.
On 14th September 2017 a warrant was executed on an address on Cray Meadows Ward. Cannabis was found and suspect was arrested. A good result for the team.
Officers have also been foot patrolling the ward and the Foots Cray Meadows. No off road motor bikes have been seen. If you do see these off road bikes please call 101 number and also inform your local policing team (Cray Meadows). Please also follow your local Cray Meadows officers on Twitter which is updated when we are on duty.


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