NCRA NewsMail

2 October 2017

(1) Waste 4 Fuel dump - update

Thanks to Bromley Environment & Community Services for sending resdents an update on their plans to finally resolve the ongoing problem resulting from Waste4Fuel abandoning this site :

To read the letter from Bromley Environment & Community Services please follow this LINK


(2) Cray Meadows Ward - Street Briefing

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen for sending us the following notice of a street briefing for residents to take place on 20/10/2017 at 1800-1830 hrs at High Beeches Junction with The Grove:

The team will be attending a street briefing on the above date. We will be there at 1800 hrs to meet with as many residents as we can and answer any questions you may have for the team.

The officers who will be there willl be PC Paul Sealy, Pc Phil Clark and PCSO Pauline Cimen.

Look forward to meeting you.