NCRA NewsMail

9 October 2017

Anti Social Behaviour on motorbikes and scooters

A big thanks to PC Paul Sealy for reporting his very welcome success in the fight against Anti Social Behaviour on motorbikes and scooters :

Dear Resident / Ward Member

As you are probably aware the ward has been plagued by anti-social behaviour on the streets and more so, on Footscray Meadows for months, if not years with off road motorbikes and scooters.

When I returned to the ward as the second Dedicated Ward Officer, I saw a message we had received via Twitter a couple of months previously with a video of an off road bike on the road with a rider doing wheelies. A bike that is not legal for the road, no crash helmet, etc etc.

I instantly recognised the bike that I had seen a year or so before and knew where it came from. I visited the home address of the rider and showed him a printed out still image from the video and he fully admitted it was him. Last Thursday I reported him for 4 offences as well as issuing him a S59 notice which means if we see him on any other bike within the next year acting anti-socially we will instantly seize the bike.

He will most likely be losing his provisional driving licence and also receiving a fine and points.

Since he knew I was looking for him after speaking to his Father, the reports of this type of ASB has reduced dramatically, in fact we haven't had any calls for weeks. I believe that this individual and his two friends were responsible for the vast majority of this behaviour.

This is a great example of how officers on the ward can work with the residents and businesses to identify and deal with offenders. Thank you to the resident who sent us the video.

When we receive intelligence like this, we will act on it to make Cray Meadows a better place to live, work and play.


PC 613 Paul Sealy