NCRA NewsMail

29 October 2017

(1) Strange Noise In Barton Road

NCRA has received the following enquiry from a member in Barton Road :

I was wondering if anyone would know what the high pitched noise is that keeps happening outside, we keep going out in the garden to try and detect where it is coming from but can't seem to see, sometimes it is happening really early in the morning and tonight it was going off in the evening?

A member of our committee believes that the noise is from a high pitched siren and that it may be coming from a factory somewhere along Maidstone Road. He says that It sounds like gas pressure being released during a production process and continues for several minutes. It happens on an irregular basis and at odd times during the day, sometimes during the early hours of the morning as happened recently and is quite disturbing, especially when trying to sleep.

Whilst this does not fit into our normal remit, I am happy to help. If anyone has any definite information regarding this noise, I would be happy to pass it on to our member who has raised the query.


(2) Fraud Alerts

Action Fraud have two alerts this month that may be of interest to our members. They cover Phishing and a warning to young people wanting a career in modelling and who may be thinking of paying an up-front fee for a photo-shoot. To read these and all other current alerts, please visit their website :

Action Fraud