NCRA NewsMail

14 November 2017

Cray Meadows Ward Update

Thanks to PC Paul Sealy for the following update :

Dear Ward Member,

This email is an irregular update which I will try to make more of a regular thing. I'm sure part of the reason you signed up to our ward mailing list was to be updated with what's happening on the ward from a policing perspective, so this email is to try to address that.

As I told you about on my last email, we thought the problem had been solved on Footscray Meadows. After reporting one of the main suspects in the offroad bike/moped ASB around the streets and on the Meadows the calls to this type of ASB went to zero. There have in the last couple of weeks or so been a few calls with similar problems. The people who gave us the information have been spoken to and asked in future that if possible, please get good descriptions of the bikes and the riders and without putting yourself at risk getting a photograph or video of the suspects. This was how I identified the last suspect. I must emphasise that do not put yourself at any risk by taking photographs but with visual evidence, we can build a picture and use existing intelligence to identify these people and deal with them appropriately.

We also told you previously via the Neighbourhood Watch emails about the drugs warrant that we executed on the ward where a large amount of cash and drugs, along with a legal gas BB gun had been seized and the suspect arrested by PC Phil Clark. This investigation is almost complete and the case will be submitted to the CPS soon for a charging decision. We anticipate a good result from this and I will update you when we know more.

There has been an increase in burglary since around the beginning of October. Our neighbouring ward, St Mary's has been particularly hit. Pro-active plain clothes and uniformed patrols as well as tasked patrols by the night duty response teams has been going on to identify and catch these burglars. Burglary always increases at this time of year but thankfully although there has been an increase on Cray Meadows, we haven't been hit that bad. We continue to patrol as much of the ward as often as we can.

The week before last I came across a suspect running around Sidcup Hill with knives in his hands. He was arrested by me at the time and myself and PC Phil Clark dealt with him in custody and interviewed him. He has been released under investigation and I will be doing the investigation on this. Update will follow.

Myself, PC Phil Clark and PCSO Pauline Cimen continue to patrol the ward and deal with offences that are committed on the ward and passed to us for either further investigation or reassurance.

Today (Sunday 12th) the three of us cancelled our rest day to do traffic control for the Rembrance Parade in Footscray.

The team now have a marked blue light minibus which is utilised by all the South Cluster teams based at Marlowe House. It is not used for general patrol, this is done on foot and bus. You may well have seen us more around on foot over the last few months. Now we don't have a dedicated vehicle all of our enquiries have to be done on foot so it may not always be possible to come and see you at a particular time if you need to see us. We will always call you to arrange appointments where necessary but due to our patrol strategy now this may not always be straight away. We do have use of the vehicle for some tasks but the general patrol strategy is on foot patrol.

We will continue to patrol Footscray Meadows but anticipate the ASB probably reducing during the winter months.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with us please feel free to email us. Needless to say if your call is more urgent dial 101 or report crime at and of course, in an emergency always dial 999.

I will update you soon on any other good news or issues that the team feel that you would like to be aware of.


PC 613 Paul Sealy
Cray Meadows